12 Feb

This is a video of the development of my Steampunk time machine seen at the Richard Straviz Fine Art Gallery in Virginia Beach for the 2014 Veterans Show they held for us. Their site is at
The computer case is made from an old bedroom dresser and brass lamps. It has an ASUS board with 4 gb ram water cooled, and the monitor is hdmi. Lamp made from paint brush handles, door knobs, chain link with an old computer microphone and speaker to plug into the PC. Key board was the hardest (took almost 2 years) made from an IBM clickety clack, buttons , washers and jewelry covers for the keys. Each had to be assembled separately. Key board was inspired by Datamancer

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intro splash screen tutorial


Lassen by eruk
wav1 by heatfuse
Retreat by Jason Farnham

Video loops
Loop 164- Maya Calendar

Rendered in Adobe Premiere Pro

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