About Daniel Lee Hawk

Daniel Lee Hawk
Growing up with little money gave him the opportunity to always think about re-purposing items. He would remove parts from televisions on neighbor’s curbs and use them on the family TV allowing them to watch programs. In the military he was known for his design work and was called on many times to produce logos for commands. One of these was the emblem for the recently commissioned submarine, USS Texas. While serving in Jordan he worked with King Abdullah fostering international relations and received numerous awards and decorations during his time in the military retiring honorably in 2009 with over 20 years of service. He then attained a degree in Graphics Communication and Design distinguished by admission to the National Technical Honor Society. He is the owner of Hawk Image Nation Design Studios developing websites, logos and game designs focusing on brand identity for clients. He created Artwork by Veterans which is a support group for returning heroes to express themselves through art. Utilizing camaraderie and the healing power of art Artwork by Veterans is a community where vets can show their artwork, meet other veterans and supporting each other.
His beautiful wife of 19 years, Cheryl, not only waited for the completion of uncounted deployments but is now his caregiver scheduling and driving him to his sundry doctor’s appointments. His wonderful twin teenage girls, Sarah and Rebekah, participate in VFW Post 4809 junior girls visiting VA hospitals providing emotional support for our aging heroes. His outstanding teen son, Ethan, wants to be a game designer or a sniper and is diligently striving to reach both of these goals. Last but never least is the not so baby girl, Julianna, who plays the violin and recently turned seven. Be aware, when experiencing a bad day she can easily force the discouraged to smile. He loves to create designs for heraldic crests which can help in preserving a family’s heritage for future generations. In addition to artwork and steampunk up-cycling. He is an avid reader who enjoys skiing, tennis and going to the beach with the family.
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